Hydra Sigma S12, Sigma, Alpha, Delta : In Search of a Deeper Space

Mastering mostly non-vocal electronic ambient music presents many challenges, but perhaps nothing more than presenting the music with as much of an organic, almost acoustic quality that results in a transparent, immersive, compelling listening experience. 

Utilizing a wide array of tools that include the best of both analog and digital processors, and maximizing their sound potential in each case, greatly enhances the results and is a necessary step toward the total sonic possibilities of the project. 

One very significant component of achieving this goal is attention to every aspect of the wire interconnection, and power distribution. We have given great care to evaluating and installing the highest quality connectivity to help facilitate the desired result.  

Perhaps the most obscure of this has to do with power. After careful consideration – and listening comparisons – we exclusively use power solutions offered by Shunyata Research, fundamentally centered around their Hydra Sigma S12 Distribution unit and connected with Sigma, Alpha, and Delta power cables. We have consistently found an overall improvement to the depth and dimension of the audio we produce, bringing us so much closer to our goal of the deeper listening experience.
~ Howard Givens
Mastering Engineer
Spotted Peccary Music
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