When the piano landed in our listening room… // Denali v2, Alpha XC

Hello Richard,

Thank you for helping me settle upon the Denali v2 + Alpha XC power cord.  

When the piano landed in our listening room, I knew the Denali was settling in nicely.  I was certainly expecting a reduction in noise, but the increase in timbral realism caught me by surprise.  All previous noise reduction solutions have had a sonic fingerprint and caused some compression.  The Denali lets the Grimm Audio and Mola Mola gear be its best, and at its best it disappears. 

Given the reference-level performance, it makes sense that this combo benefits from more than two decades of continuous experimentation, measurements and improvement.   I can’t imagine how much has to go right in the process — from concept to delivering a component of this quality to my front door – but it is clear that you have a great team of talented and dedicated professionals. 

Have a great weekend. 



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