Everest & Omega Clock 75 // Mastering Studio

The Shunyata Everest made a drastic improvement in my mastering studio. Previously, I had been using a symmetrically balanced power transformer in my system. It also made a very nice improvement, but the Everest was a remarkable improvement in clarity, depth, 3d imaging, and musicality. When switching back to the old system it just sounded like a layer of grain and smearing was present. Switching back to the Everest made that grain non existent. The clarity is fantastic and does not fatigue your ears in any way. Music sounds more detailed and rich. I’ve also added the Omega BNC 75 ohm clocking cable to clock my system which further improved all elements of my system. Bass is deeper and tighter, soundstage and image are wider and much more vast.

Mike Nolte / Eureka Mastering
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