Omega XC upgrade on Denali

Hello Richard,

I was able to obtain an Omega XC to feed the Denali. To say it is a ‘component-level’ upgrade is to sell it short. It has taken what was easily the best performance my modest system has delivered with the Sigma XC, and exceeded it by orders of magnitude. The presentation is wider and exponentially deeper front to back. All while revealing additional low-level detail with increased texture across the spectrum. It has such a vivid organic “real” feel I’ve never heard before in-home audio.

Thank you for your guidance and advice which has aided my enjoyment of my audio setup. There is no need to respond. I don’t want to take time away from you helping others. Please accept my sincere thanks. I have been and will continue to advise anyone who will listen that they owe it to themselves to go Shunyata!

Thank you sir,

Ben C.

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