Remastering “The Dark Side of the Moon”

The reputations of Mastering Engineers Doug Sax and James Guthrie are beyond reproach.

They are two of the most prolific and sought after mastering engineers in the recording industry, and their body of work is legendary.

Doug Sax’s work includes recordings by James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Alison Kraus, Diana Krall, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Waits, Aaron Neville, Chris Isaak, Ray Charles, Chet Atkins and countless others. James Guthrie’s resume is no less impressive, having been credited with work on 6 Pink Floyd albums and dozens of popular recording artists. James and Doug learned of Shunyata Research’s products through David Gilmour’s Astoria recording studio in the United Kingdom. After listening and recording with Shunyata Research products, both Guthrie and Sax were so impressed that they installed Shunyata products into their Sonoma digital mastering chain. Shunyata Research products were most recently utilized at Guthrie’s Das Boot Studio for the re-master of Dark Side of the Moon on Sony’s SACD format.

As studio owners, we are regularly exposed to numerous ‘quality enhancement products’ and have naturally become cautious and very selective; you rarely achieve an audible improvement without somehow adversely affecting another element in the audio chain. We have been using Shunyata power cables at my studio for some time now. Careful placement of the cables has resulted in reduced distortion, improved clarity, better low level detail and richer 3-dimensional depth in the soundstage. The ANACONDA PowerSnakes, for example, have transformed our Sonoma system, used during the mastering process for the new 5.1 mix of ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’. I look forward to trying the HYDRA AC distribution next. Highly recommended.

James Guthrie, Grammy Award-Winning Producer/Engineer (Pink Floyd): USA

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