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Long regarded as the most influential, experienced and respected high-end critical journal on the internet, SoundStage! magazine has evolved into one of the most credible and definitive review magazines in all of high-end audio — world wide.

Editor-in-Chief Marc Mickelson, and Editor of SoundStage!’s “The World’s Best Audio System” journal, Jeff Fritz, own evaluation systems that in the world of high-end audio, are arguably without peer.

After many trials and comparisons, both Editors selected Shunyata Research’s entire system of products for use as their ongoing references. Among the host of awards bestowed upon Shunyata Research products from countless publications, Shunyata values its SoundStage! Reviewers’ Choice and Innovation In Design Awards as much as any they have received.

Caelin Gabriel has made another distinctive product that makes a strong case for being the standard in power conditioning here and now.

Marc Mickelson, Editor-in-Chief of the SoundStage! Network: USA


The way my Shunyata powered system captured and reproduced the low-level resolution of my finest recordings was stunning!

Jeff Fritz, Editor of the SoundStage! Network: USA

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