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Leon Shaw’s store Audio Advice in Raleigh North Carolina is known throughout the high-performance electronics industry as one of the most exclusive and professionally managed and staffed stores in the US — and possibly the world. The care and attention to detail they have taken in building their store and selecting their product lines is evident even at a glance. US home theater and electronics retailers look to Audio Advice as the paradigm of a successful high-performance entertainment business. Everything from lavish living-room-lifestyle interiors to personalized customer service, to the most sought after high performance products on the market make Audio Advice one of the home entertainment industry’s most respected dealerships. Audio Advice’s meteoric rise and sustained success have been featured and documented in many trade publications. They are regarded as the example, the model for others to follow in establishing a successful retail business within the home-entertainment industry. The sales staff of Audio Advice independently evaluated Shunyata Research products in 2002. The response from the sales team in the store was unanimous. None had experienced power distribution products that performed with such consistently positive results. Audio Advice’s exceptional support and sales over the past six years remains one of Shunyata Research’s proudest and most reflected upon accomplishments. Customers who purchased Shunyata products through Audio Advice have uniformly praised their experiences.

All of us at Audio Advice have been impressed with Shunyata Research since our first experience with the Hydra and PowerSnakes cables in 2002. Our initial tests demonstrated marked improvements in image definition and clarity, frequency extension as well as a more natural sound. As time passed, Shunyata have proven their expertise by not only continuing to produce quality products, but also fundamentally improving and refining their performance. We strongly recommend Shunyata Power products to our clients seeking the finest performance from their audio/video systems.

Brandon Lauer, Retail Manager: Audio Advice

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