Sigma Clock Cables – Wow!

Hello Richard

I put the Sigma clock cables in Saturday mid-day. Now, I’d heard from some industry sources and retail sales reps that clock cables might just be the most important digital cables in the system. And one expert was kind enough to recommend some inexpensive, high-performing clock cables as a starter set over the OEM cables supplied with my clock. He was right about those — they are much better than what came with my clock.

But he also said the bad news is there is a lot more room for improvement over the inexpensive cables.

Well, intellectually I’ve found I can acknowledge something, but I still retain a little skepticism until I experience it for myself. . .

All I can say is, “Wow!”.

Big, big improvement with the Sigma clock cables. I am amazed at the sense of effortlessness and natural expansiveness the Sigma clock cables bring to digital. Perhaps it’s the better timing integrity allowing phase and timing cues to be more unambiguous and less smeared, but stereo phenomena such as image solidity and weight, and sound-stage dimensionality are enhanced. Transients also seem quicker to start and quicker to die down without being over-emphasized or hyped, just as they are in nature. All in all, the Sigma clock cables are getting me even closer to the real thing. I consider them money very well spent.

Great stuff, and I’m very pleased with the results. Caelin is some kind of genius — but I guess you knew that already.

Thanks again for the cables!

-An experienced music enthusiast!

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