Crest National Studios

Located in Hollywood, California, Crest National is one of the largest music and film industry studio chains in the United States. Crest National consists of motion picture film labs, digital restoration services, DVD authoring and design, editing, sub-mastering and media encoding, among a host of other professional services. They are a partner of Philips International and remain one of the world’s top providers of DVD Audio and CD replication. Due to their exceptional reputation and prolific manufacturing capability, Crest National was selected by Philips to be the only United States SACD replication plant.

Crest National’s fanatical dedication to quality control led them to construct a state-of-the-art 5.1 channel quality control playback studio. Crest spared no expense to obtain the finest electronics from Halcro (amplifiers), Meitner Labs (switching controls) and Eggleston Works (speakers). Based on the recommendations of top studio executives and mastering engineers, Crest sought out an evaluation of a complete Shunyata Research power and signal cable system. At the conclusion of their testing, Crest purchased Shunyata Research’s entire system of power and signal distribution products, and commented on the significant impact Shunyata products had on the resolution of their state of the art system.

I’ve run out of words to describe the effect Shunyata Research has had on the SACD experience in our studio. From the mass and quality of the HYDRA power distribution center with it’s dynamic openness, the clarity gleaned from the ANACONDA ALPHA/ANACONDA VX, and the direct detail obtained from the interconnects and speaker cables. Shunyata Research has put a very positive signature on Crest National’s, Hollywood reference listening experience.

Jon Truckenmiller, Sr. VP Engineering of Crest National Studios: Hollywood, CA USA

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