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Recognized the world over as one of the most respected high-end audio authorities, Stereophile has a group of writers that represent a majority of the most experienced critics covering high-end audio products.

Editor John Atkinson, columnist Michael Fremer and writer Wes Phillips represent what people in the high-end industry would term ‘household names’ in audio journalism.

Renowned Columnist Michael Fremer discovered Shunyata Research products in 2002 and has been using them as his references for power distribution ever since. Given the sheer volume and variety of products that go through any writers’ system in a year, this is an accomplishment of almost unprecedented proportion.

Professional Stereophile writer and reviewer Wes Phillips also discovered Shunyata Research’s system of products in 2002, and has adopted them as his long running references for over five years, and countless reviews.

Due to the resounding success of Shunyata Research products with more than six current and former Stereophile writers, Shunyata Products earned multiple Accessory of the Year Runner Up Awards, as well as the coveted Recommended Component listings.

Fine layers of noise and haze vaporized with the Shunyata gear feeding my equipment!

Paul Bolin, Contributing Editor of Stereophile Magazine: USA


The HYDRA Model-8 is an amazing product!!

Michael Fremer, Senior Contributing Editor of Stereophile Magazine: USA


Every power amp I plugged into a HYDRA sounded noticeably better than when plugged directly into the wall — wow!

Wes Philips, Senior Contributing Editor of Stereophile Magazine: USA

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