The Fifth Element #82

Replacing a GE power strip bought at a hardware store and a mélange of IEC power cords, I installed the VENOM PS8, its spikes, the VENOM DEFENDER, the PS8’s 20-amp power cord, and VENOM HC power cords for: the Parasound Halo CD 1 (used as a transport), the Bricasti M1 DAC, and the Lindell AMPX power amp. Following about 48 hours of break-in, serious listening revealed no negatives, and the rather obvious positives of a lower noise floor and a more easeful sound.

So it was very gratifying when a listening chum who hadn’t visited in a while — a serious DIY loudspeaker designer-builder — spontaneously and rather wonderingly commented on the dynamic freedom he was hearing from a 20W amplifier: the Lindell AMPX. I hastened to point out that the total cost of the power-delivery products was twice that of the amp, which we both agreed provided food for thought.

I think Shunyata Research’s VENOM Power System is a solidly safe recommendation — even more important, all Shunyata dealers offer a money-back guarantee. Highly recommended. (The Fifth Element #82)

~ John Marks, Reviewer at Stereophile

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