Shunyata at Newport: Vivid – Luxman – Shunyata Super System

Philip is well known throughout the industry for his phenomenal use of high-performance sources such as reel-reel Master Tape, Analog Turntable and DSD file playback to draw an appreciative crowd. His vast music catalog is legendary and the Luxman electronics he uses have a reputation for being among the finest available. This was the perfect system then for the unveiling of Shunyata’s TRITON v2 in an active role. The results came quickly and often as the majority of attendees and press attested they’d never experienced finer sound in one of Philip’s rooms before. Everything was perfectly dialed in of course and the speakers and electronics were symbiotic, but like any of the finest systems, the performance can only be as good as an electrical and signal system will allow it to be. From all reports, both anecdotal and professional, the On A Higher Note/Shunyata System was an enormous success and arguably the finest this year in Newport.

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