SoundStage! Ultra Reviews The Hydra Typhon QR

“In the Brahms cadenza and the Saint-Saëns allegro, the Typhon QR did more than just improve violin notes’ forward edges. In the Brahms, it freed those notes of a layer of thickness, thus rendering them more naturally flute-like. Nor was this harmonic cleansing overwrought — the Typhon QR simultaneously let my system better reproduce the notes’ complex structures. With the Typhon QR, flute notes now correctly seemed much more gaunt and simplistic. In the Saint-Saëns, the Typhon QR better reproduced the scratchiness of string drags at the bow’s contact points. Also more evident were open-string resonances, now silenced only by bow impacts.”

Howard Kneller of SoundStage! Ultra gives an in-depth review of the Hydra Typhon QR.

Click here to read the review.

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