First Sounds: Shunyata Research Denali D6000/S v2

Marc Mickelson, writing for The Audio Beat, reviews the Denali D6000/S v2.

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“As I’ve mentioned, I’ve used Shunyata power products for years — all the way back to the original Corian-clad Hydra and through more than one model of the Triton. Even so, the Denali D6000/S v2, which couldn’t quite accommodate my entire system but was suitable for a subset of my electronics (preamp, mono amps, universal digital player, phono stage and turntable; or dCS Rossini stack and mono amps), is a revelation, a music-clarifying machine that simply made listening a more natural experience, and it displays no deleterious sonic effects — zilch, zero, zip. With the D6000/S v2, instrumental lines are more clearly delineated and purer throughout their range. The music sounds more effortless, detailed and dynamic. This last thing may seem counterintuitive, given the dynamic limitations of some other very good power products, but it’s true. I suspect this dynamic prowess is related to the stunning clarity the Denali D6000/S v2 brings, the music sounding more like itself and less the product of a complex and expensive chain of electronics. With the Denali D6000/S v2, listening is like breathing; it’s not something I have to concentrate on — the music just happens.”

– Marc Mickelson
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