Equipment Report: Shunyata Research Hydra Delta D6 Power Distributor and Venom NR and V14 Digital Power Cables


Venom V14 NR Power Cable

Neil Gader, writing for The Absolute Sound, tries out a Delta D6 and a brace of power cables – Venom V10 & V12 NR, and a Venom V14 Digital.

Here is an excerpt.


“At the micro level, images were pocketed within halos of ambience that were stitched into the soundspace, These micro cues led to a more finely focused presentation that reinforced the almost eerie lack of noise and distortion that the Shunyata bundle was bringing to my system. The creaky piano stool and “shh” during the famous 45-second piano chord decay at the end of the Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” is one of my favorite bits of low-level minutiae. Another occurs near the close of Kissin’s performance of Glinka’s “The Lark,” when a stage door slams along the back wall of the auditorium. Although it’s low in volume, the way that door slam ambushes the ear makes me jump every time I hear it. With the Shunyata in the system, it was all the more surprising, thanks to the way the lower noise floor clarified “found-sound” gaffes.”

– Neil Gader
The Absolute Sound

Read the full review at The Absolute Sound here

Product links:

Delta D6
Venom V12 & V10 NR
Venom V14 Digital

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