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My listening pleasure has never been better!

Dear Grant and Caelin, I’m a skeptic when it comes to electrical cables and audio benefits. I have a decent system made up of Bryston components with Vienna Acoustics speakers. Its sound was fairly decent to begin with. So, when my dealer recommended that I hook up a TRITON with COBRA C19 to the wall outlet and COBRA ΞTRON™’s for my amp and DAC, I was skeptical. How can a line conditioner boost that ever-elusive trait that we audiophiles call “musicality”? After breaking in the TRITON and COBRA cables for about 50 hrs, I was floored. The sonic improvements that I heard were simply astonishing. Vocals and string instruments were clearer and had startling 3-D-like images in my room. The amounts of rich detail I was able to hear in choral, chamber, and pop/rock FLAC and CD recordings were enhanced significantly. Even my LPs, played on a modest Concept turntable, sounded much better, with improved soundstage all around. Reverberations, especially with string instruments, seemed to linger longer, enhancing my experience of a live-performance recording. It was like lifting a veil that masked parts of the music. The opening-up of panoramic vistas of sonic detail from the recordings was truly remarkable. How can a cleaned-up, two-dimensional electrical signal reveal such amazing detail? My listening pleasure has never been better! I just wanted to congratulate you and your staff for the efforts you all have put into your products. I cannot fathom going back to stock cords. I may never attend another live chamber or vocal concert again (just joking)! And I look forward to further technical developments from your group. Keep up the great work. Pete N., PhD USA

Shunyata Products

Thank you Richard,

I appreciate the outstanding service. I always thought Shunyata products were some of the best out there….. your new line may be the best!
I soon will be purchasing a set of your jumpers and sometime next year a TRITON power conditioner.

Bill Thom

What a MAJOR difference!

Dear All,

What a MAJOR difference! As my HYDRA 6 burns in, it gets better and better. Cannot wait to upgrade to PYTHON’s later in 2011. I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times but THANKS for the upgrade!

Dave G.

An emotional connection to music…

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Richard,

This is a follow up comment to my previous comment that I had made about the two TRITON’s that I had installed in my main system. As I had commented, I had on order a third TRITON power conditioner for my workshop audio system.

I spend between 20 and 25 hours a week in my workshop as part of a process of earning my livelihood. This past year, I installed an audio system in my workshop consisting of basically a recent vintage Audio Research Reference tube line stage, and Audio Research CD player, and an Audio Research power amp. Speakers are Magnepans, suspended and angled from the ceiling of my work area. Power cables are Shunyata KING COBRA CX’s. I have two dedicated lines — one for the amp and one for the TRITON which powers everything else.

While my main system is for dedicated listening only, that system was put together for a “fidelity to the master tape” sound. The workshop system was put together for a “beauty of tone” sound. Listening to music on the main system is the activity in and of itself, while the secondary system is to provide some element of nourishment, stimulation, relaxation, and fun while I am working. Music is secondary to my working, but I still wanted a sound that made that music sound more accessible. This system is on all the time while I am working and as such I did not want it to be fatiguing in any way, nor did my family need excess bass traveling to other parts of our home.

Simply put, the addition of the TRITON in that secondary system increased the accessibility of the music. There is clearly a resultant denser quality of tone to the overall sound. Futher, there is an intensified the interplay of those tones, not only of total musical presentation, but of individual instrumentation as well. For example the tonal interplay of a guitar’s strings and how they resonate with the guitar’s body or a piano’s tonal interplay of hammers, strings, and sound board are now vividly more apparent. Vocalists have taken on a greater three dimensionality and focus. The sound stage is wider. There is also more information that populates that widened stage. The aggregate result is that I now find myself connecting with the music on a much more intensely emotional level similar to what I have I have regularly experienced on my main system.

The sound is now so intense that at times it is outright distracting! I find that I stop working for a moment or two and just revel in the beauty of the song being played, whether the lyric, the vocalist, or the instrumentalist. I feel the fun, joy, sadness, sorrow, longing, splendor, pulse, and whatever other emotions the performers are expressing. An emotional connection to the music is a good thing, when you get right down to it, that is what this hobby is all about! The addition of the TRITON to my workshop has tremendously enhanced how I spend 25 hours of my life every week. I listen to the secondary system for many more hours than the primary system, and as such the TRITON was not only worth every penny that I had paid for it, when put on an hourly basis will prove to be a bargain!

All my appreciation!


Overall easy to listen to

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Richard,

As you know, I have commented on your wonderful power conditioning products in the past. I am fortunate to have a dedicated purpose built listening room, which includes ten dedicated lines that run in close proximity from an isolated and separately earth grounded sub panel with a very high grade electric in-wall wiring that is purpose built for optimum power delivery with low noise. All power of my power cords are your KING COBRA CX series, which I have also commented on in the past.

Recently when the TRITON power conditioners became available, I had ordered two from my dealer, without an audition. This was based simply on my experience with your past power conditioning products from the HYDRA to the V-RAY to the V-RAY VII. I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical as to any improvement, as truth tell, I was very satisfied with my two V-RAY VII conditioners. I use one conditioner for my analogue front end equipment and another for my digital equipment, as I discovered several years ago through experimentation with two of your V-RAY conditioners that isolating these on separate lines rendered an across the board improvement in sound.

While my TRITON’s were waiting to be being built, I had taken delivery on a new pair of Magico Q5 loudspeakers, which had replaced my Magico V3 loudspeakers. After a week or so of initial break in, I was shocked at the overall improvement that the new Magico’s had wrought. About a month into the loudspeaker break in period, my TRITON’s had finally arrived. I installed them and turned the system back on, not expecting to hear that much of an improvement — perhaps something along the lines of an improvement from your excellent ANACONDA CX to the KING COBRA CX. I had plans to sell one of my V-RAY VII’s and keep the other one for an auxiliary system that I enjoy in my workshop. (This auxiliary system is actually used more than my main system as it is on while I work, while my main system is for leisure time — something that I have precious little of.)

Upon listening to the system with the TRITON’s installed, my jaw nearly hit the floor! These new power conditioners were rendering an improvement to my system that was of the same magnitude as the jump from the Magico V3 to the Q5! I was in shock!!! The sound stage had widened, heretofore buried information became crystal clear, the noise floor (which I had already thought was in the basement) had dropped considerably more, the system’s dynamics and dynamic expressions of the musicians on every recording played became even more apparent, and the density of tone took on another dimension that was much closer to “live”. As the TRITON’s burned in over the next month my system’s presentation became simply more relaxed, effortless, and overall easy to listen to.

In fact, the system now sounds so good, that upon a recent visit to my sound room, my dealer had commented that it was the best sounding system that he has heard in a client’s home! He had also commented that it is a shame that more of his customers don’t bother to try Shunyatapower conditioning equipment, or power conditioning in general, as it is just not as “sexy” as a new preamp or disc player. We both know that adding Shunyata power conditioning to an existing audio system will render a bigger improvement (not difference, but real improvement) than “upgrading” that system’s components.

I was so impressed by the improvement of your new TRITON’s, that I ended up selling both of my V-RAY VII’s and ordered a TRITON to use on my workshop system! In fact I am still so impressed with your KING COBRA CX power cords, that they are used on that system as well. As I write this, I am awaiting the delivery of the TRITON for my secondary system, actually more exited than when I had ordered the TRITON’s for my main system, as I now know what is in store!!!

As a lifetime avid music lover and an audiophile with 35 years of serious listening experience, I have come to the conclusion that your power conditioning equipment is a great equalizer of the different brands of audio electronics. That is, the positive effects and improvements wrought are similar regardless of what brand of electronics they are conditioning. When Shunyata is powering “it” and conditioning “it”, the results will be clearly and demonstrably similar: Wider dynamics, greater detail retrieval, blacker silences, increased dimensionality, greater density and purity of tone, wider sound stage and more precise imaging within that sound stage. My experienced advice to those who are reading this comment — don’t change your electronics — improve the electricity that they are being fed, as without Shunyata, they are not performing anywhere near their full potential!

Listening to music, or I should say properly reproduced music, is of paramount importance to me, and probably anyone who is reading this. It is one of the true pleasures that enhances my life. Your products go a long way to increasing that pleasure and enjoyment. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for doing what you do.


There was an unbelievable quietness…

At this point in my life, one of the greatest pleasures and passion I have is my audio system and the beauty of rich, clear and accurate sound.

After several upgrades this year I am curious as to how much better the beautiful sound could get?

I had researched power conditioners and have read and tried to understand what power conditioners are and how they could improve my audio system. As I compared products for a power conditioner I was impressed with the Shunyata Research information available. The research and technology in your products was to me very impressive, not to mention the excellent reviews, endorsements and awards over the years that finally assured me that Shunyata Research is producing a high quality product. I was skeptical but one has to hear it to believe and so with permission from my wife, I decided to add to my system a HYDRA MODEL-6 with a BLACK MAMBA high current CX power cord and I also improved the wall plug with a audiophile grade wall receptacle. As I get home and unpack the new items, I am extremely excited to hear what Shunyata is all about. I carefully arrange the cords and plug them into the HYDRA 6. I put on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon released on SACD. My jaw dropped! What I heard was beautiful sound.

There was an unbelievable quietness — no noise just clear sound. The dynamic range was greater, the sound was more colorful and smooth. The soundstage was also improved — with greater detail and more refined, I could now hear the drummer going from left to right on the kit, the instruments in behind were at lower levels were more evident. The difference was considerably noticeable and I am much happier as a result. An unexpected bonus was the picture quality I observed on our Samsung Ultra Slim 58″ Plasma HD TV. The picture was more detailed with brighter and more vivid color. The resolution was far better with the HYDRA in the system. I was so impressed with the HYDRA 6 I could not help but wonder how the HYDRA Talos would perform and so with permission from my wife to spend the kids university money — kidding — I upgraded to the HYDRA TALOS. I am extremely pleased with the addition of the Shunyata products — they really make a difference that you will notice.

As I continue in my pursuit to achieve the best possible quality music sound reproduction, I am thankful that Shunyata Research has helped me on to the right path.

My joy with the beautiful sound your products has helped me achieve has improved my outlook on life!

Winnipeg, MB

Give the guys at Shunyata a high-five for this one!

I installed the Shunyata TRITON in my system yesterday and have bee listening to it over the evening and through the day. As you recall I had the Shunyata HYDRA-8, ANACONDA/PYTHON power cabling, of which I have been extremely pleased, along with the latest ARC Reference gear and Wilson speakers. Out of the box the Triton’s physical appearance and weight is truly impressive. More importantly though, the improved effects on power conditioning were clearly audible. The imaging, the palpable presence of voices and instruments, and the dynamic shifts in music were all improved. The bass was more extended and quicker. It felt as if my Reference Anniversary had more power and speed available to it through the TRITON. The background noise is indeed quieter on the TRITON. Well, as you can tell I’m sold on the new technology and what it delivers to my system. Thank you again for all your help in assisting me in the selection of these outstanding products. Give the guys at Shunyata a high-five for this one!

Len L.

You guys are GREAT!

Good morning gentlemen,

Just wanted to let you know that this system is sounding fabulous and these guys aren’t even broken in yet. This is day 3 so I guess in another couple of days we’ll really be smokin’. I’m sure when I put in the 2 CX’s and the re-terminated HELIX ALPHA, it’s going to be absolutely awesome. Thanks for doing such a great job in the products you make as well as the outstanding service. You guys are GREAT!


Great customer service


HYDRA arrived today with no issues from shipping.

1. Used the new 20A power cord you sent (Belden) and plugged the HYDRA into same outlet as before. Powered up HYDRA and no issues.
2. Turned switch off on HYDRA, and plugged in all 6 components. Flipped the switch on the HYDRA and no issues. Powered up all 6 components, no issues.
3. Played some tunes for 10-15 minutes – no issues. Powered down all 6 components.
4. Turned switch off on HYDRA and plugged in the 20A PYTHON ALPHA HELIX. Flipped the switch on the HYDRA and no issues. Powered up all 6 components, no issues.
5. Playing tunes now and no issues.

Thank you again, to you and the people at Shunyata. It has been a pleasure to deal with such a great company, and one that still provides great customer service (something that seems to be lost today in the audio world).


I have no words except WOW


I just wanted to thank you for your patient listening and excellent advice on selecting power cords for my system. I ended up buying HYDRA V-RAY and two ANACONDA’s one for the amp and the other for HYDRA. Now I have the entire power distribution system from Shunyata with good combination of shielded and CX cables based on your feedback. The audio video experience has changed so dramatically that I have no words except WOW. We were planning to buy a new TV but now we feel there is no need.

Thanks again and convey my appreciation to your production team — they are the best.

Akbar A.

Across the board sonic upgrade

Dear Caelin, Grant, and Matt,

I have been an avid audiophile for over thirty years. I have been fortunate to have the ability and means to own reference grade electronic and loudspeakers and have a purpose built, sound treated listening room outfitted with an electrical sub panel, grounding system, and more than enough dedicated electric lines.

Around 1986 I got into digital, scraping my Goldmund turntable, as I found that records, no matter how good they sounded, always contained some amount of background noise or either in the form of tick and pops, or just plain old low level rumble. The problem with digital is that it created a noise of its own — grunge back on the electric line. I have used various manufactures’ power conditioning equipment over the years, but it was not until I wired my entire system with your ANACONDA ALPHA HELIX power cables, V-RAY conditioner for the front end and HYDRA 2 for the amplification, did I realize just how damned great my digital now sounds! My listening room is library quiet — almost eerily so, as again it is an isolated room both acoustically and eclectically from the rest of my home.

This room quiet, really allows your Shunyata power conditioning equipment to make my system sound like the sonic equivalent of watching a 35MM film. Everything is simply layered bare in front of me in a 180 degree and three dimensional panoramic vista of sound that is outright scary!!! Voices and musical instruments just hang in air, and when the music gets complex, it is only complex in its composition and performance, not in its conveyance through my loudspeakers. Everything is dead quiet. The high notes sparkle and the low notes growl. Your power conditioning equipment simply makes the music easy on the ears, as the brain has so much less work to do in deciphering the music and its inherent complexities of dynamics, micro dynamics, rhythmic interaction, image placement, sound staging, harmonic nuance, cohesiveness, correctness of timber, and an overall finely delineated “wholeness”. My audio system not only has been elevated to a whole different and much higher level, but it is at a level that I have never heard from any other audio system before!

Last week a good friend came over for a visit, and we listened to the music system for several hours. He initially commented on how shockingly quiet my audio system now sounds. After further listening he commented that there was now so much more information coming through my speakers that it was now hard to process — he was hearing familiar recordings that were, in his experience, revealed with much greater fidelity and resolution. At the end of our listening session he commented — Wow! Thank you for sharing that with me! What a treat!!!

A few further thoughts — I lived with a HYDRA 8 for a couple of months before I upgraded to the V-RAY. While the HYDRA 8 was excellent, the V-RAY’s performance is a definite across the board sonic upgrade, easily that of upgrading a major component. I also tried the PYTHON HELIX power cables, and I must disagree with Robert Harley’s assessment in Issue 168 of “The Absolute Sound” magazine, where he writes that the PYTHON is 98% of the ANACONDA’s performance. From my experience the PYTHON, while a most excellent power cable (better than anything else that I have ever used before it!), does not deliver the bottom half octave of bass nor the micro dynamics of the entire audio range with the same authority of the ANACONDA power cable. Perhaps a 20% performance upgrade from the PYTHON to the ANACONDA is a more appropriate percentage relationship. In the context my system, where I am using eight Anacondas, all of those 20% performance differentials add up to a huge and stunning total performance upgrade.

In summation, I am so pleased with your top grade power conditioning equipment, that it makes all other power conditioning gear that I have employed in my audio system over the past three decades sound simply wrong. I now have a mistrust of all audio reviews that I currently read that were written by reviewers who are not using Shunyata for their power conditioning, as they are not getting a true “read” on the products that they are reviewing without your equipment to properly condition the power!

I want to thank you for designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing such amazing equipment that allows me to enjoy and appreciate my music collection as never before!


Superior in every musically meaningful way

Thank you for your reply. I know you must get many emails. I have purchased the PYTHON ALPHA HELIX and it will arrive tomorrow. I’m so glad that I took the time to audition the HYDRA MODEL-8 and ANACONDA ALPHA HELIX. I was ready to buy an Exactpower (EP 15) and decided to try the HYDRA in my system. After listening to the HYDRA, there was not doubt. It was superior in every musically meaningful way.

Thanks again for your help. You now have another loyal customer who will spread the word.

John A.

It is simply amazing

I did my true listening of the HYDRA MODEL-6 this weekend after owning the piece for two months. For reasons beyond this email I could not listen to it before however I finally connected my system and all I can say is WOW!

Really, I did not imagine this product could make such a difference. The low end is super detailed. The midrange is clearer and the highs are absolutely delicate now. It is simply amazing. The background is so low now that it is definitely inaudiable.

Adrian L.

I am simply shocked by the improvement

…I first installed the HYDRA MODEL-2… keeping in mind your recommendation to elevate and isolate the unit.I’ve since made enough room to put the HYDRA on its feet with the help of 3 small aluminim cones. Well, you guys weren’t kidding. The detail, soundstage and bass detail improved ten fold. I am simply shocked by the improvement. I called the audio sales man that sold me these units and urged him to advise customers to pay close attention to this step. The improvement was not subtle, it was a critical optimization of your excellent product.

Peter Cummings

I can’t thank you enough

Dear Grant,

All of the products are in my system now. I must tell you I AM FLOORED by the differece the ANACONDA’s make over anything else I have ever had. Same goes for the HYDRA 8 the improvments are jaw dropping. I dont know why evreyone does not do this. I think now it is the most important change you make in upgrading your system. It is also the most cost effective as well. When you think that people change their amps, speakers and the like. I want to take this oppertunity to tell you I think your company is changing the way people hear music and home audio. I can tell you it has changed mine forever, and I can’t thank you enough.


David Zucker

They are more than worth the money


Before I tell you just how excellent I found your products, let me tell you how excellent I found your customer service! I live in a remote area — it’s only 5 miles to the north to the Arctic Circle. This is a nice and highly developed small town, but it sure is no place to go shopping for High End audio. Even though in the age of the internet it is possible to get anything anywhere, it is difficult to get products home to audition them. So I am very dependent on both consumer reviews and on customer service.

Well, as far as consumer reviews go, choosing Shunyata power conditioning was a no-brainer. When Skywalker Industries, David Gilmour, Sony Recording Studios and — most important from where I stand — the Viennese Philharmonics tell you a product is excellent, I don’t expect to find out otherwise. Ordering a HYDRA 6 through the local High End service was an easy decision. But, alas, I am a difficult customer. Much as I would like to change that, I can’t. There are always a million questions I have. What cabling to use, where to place the HYDRA, should I spike it, can I burn it in plugging my refrigerator into it, is there a plug in order for my components etc. etc.

As a rule, I get decent enough replies to the first one or two questions. Then whoever is responsible for costumer service cannot be bothered anymore. Not with Shunyata! A guy named Matt went out of his way to answer each and every question in detail. On top of that, he always found the time to be really nice and personal about our communication. That is rare, and I made a note to keep this in mind when the time came to give my feedback. Thanks again, Matt! (By the way, to save Matt some future time, here are the answers to the questions above: Put the strongest (best) cable between the wall and the HYDRA. Place it on a shelve, not on the floor. Spiking enhances performance. Fridge
works great for burn in. Plug in order is not so important since the exits are clearly separated, but amp first, digital last, is the natural choice.)

So I finally bought the HYDRA 6 along with DIAMONDBACK cabling. 20AMP cable between wall and HYDRA, ordinary Dbs between HYDRA and amp/CD. First of all, the cables got here first and I was amazed! I am interested in physics, so it was clear to me, that good power cords would make a difference. But this big a difference? I never would have guessed! I got more clarity and openness in the treble along with a very deep and tightly controlled bass. On top of that, the whole sound became more dynamic without being in your face in the least. To be sure, I never had considered treble or bass or dynamics to be weaknesses of my system. I thought they were great already! I do a lot of my serious listening with headphones (two very small kids in the house). I use Sennheiser 650s through a Musical Fidelity X-Can V3. Recently I had upgraded the headphone cable, exchanging the stock cable for a Zu Mobius, which set me back 300 Euros, but was worth every cent. By way of comparison, exchanging the stock power cords on my Pathos Classic One (hybrid) amp and on my Densen 400 XS CD-player for DIAMONDBACKS made as much of a difference as the Zu Mobius. Also, I had at some point chosen my other cabling, which is by Goertz (Alphacore) to be either copper or silver, with the silver adding 1000 euros to the cost of my system. I liked the silver so much better, I was willing to spend the extra money. Again, just the DIAMONDBACKS alone made as much of a difference! They are more than worth the money. Actually, if you can only upgrade your interconnects or your power cords, I would opt for the power cords now! And they would have to be Shunyata.

So how about the whole deal, HYDRA added? Well, the most amazing additions to the quality of sound were a) an enormously widened, deepened, heightened and better structured soundstage and b) a much more integrated sound. For all I know about physics, this is beyond me. The effect on the soundstage, which is so much bigger and which every musician is clearly placed in, is far beyond anything I could have expected. Saying the sound is more integrated means, everything just seems to be part of the same performance, more than it used to. There is one musical happening taking place, as opposed to different notes forming a whole.

Again, I’ll try to compare. I chose my speakers, the Dynaudio Confidence C1 over the also excellent Dynaudio Contour 1.4, because there is that extra sparkle to the sound. Like comparing champagne to a really good white wine. This decision cost me an additional 2500 Euros. Getting the HYDRA most probably made more of a difference, at less expense! I also choose my front end, the Densen 400 XS over the 400 Plus — adding 1500 Euros to my bill. Again, the HYDRA makes as much of a difference.

No matter, what you are having or getting for a set up. Start out with a HYDRA and Shunyata cabling. It will make more of a difference (for the better) than most of the other choices you might be considering. And on top of that, you’ll get some excellent customer service!

Pathos Classic One hybrid amp
Densen 400 XS CD and 800 Tuner
Goertz silver cabling (Veracity MI2 and Triode Quartz)
Dynaudio C1
Musical Fidelity X.Can V3 with Senneheiser 650s, Zu Mobius upgrade cable


I took the leap of faith and invested in your product

After a strong recomendation from a local dealer, I took the leap of faith and invested in your product. I was impressed with the TAIPAN VX/ALPHA HYDRA MODEL-2 combination. It wasn’t till I added the TAIPAN HELIX to the mix, did I realize the full potential of this upgrade. The improvement in the micro dynamics was the first change noted. My soundstage grew ten feet. Sonically, theres a kind of “enrobing” effect, I’ve had many different power conditioners over the years, as well as upgraded power cords. With Shunyata, I’ve gone from “thinking” I hear a difference, to knowing it to be fact.

Peter C.
Jersey City, NJ

Caelin Gabriel did a fantastic job

Matt, Words cannot discribe how incredible the HYDRA MODEL-6 and the PowerSnakes sound. I don’t know if I just happen to have the right combination of components but my sound stage is very 3 dimentional, absolutely incredible and tonal balance is perfect. Transient attacks are just explosive and precise. The low frequencies are tight deep and very solid. The high frequencies have that natural holographic harmonic resonance that you hear up close and personal as if they were live. Instruments such as cymbals actually sound as if they are a shower of sparks falling down right in front of you. Everything sounds warm, natural and very liquid, almost as if you were looking at your sound stage though a sheet of perfectly pure water. Stage positioning of instrumentation is very defined as well as delivering a very soft, precise presentation across the whole sound stage. Oh, and I forgot to mention, my system is dead quiet with no audible floor noise with the volume wide open (no music playing).

Caelin Gabriel did a fantastic job designing the HYDRA and Snakes. His electronic and electrical design principals are right on the money. The HYDRA is very simple, not bulky, non current restricting, and produces no heat or noise and has the most precise filtration points of any conditioner in the world. I have found that a direct AC line of twisted 8 gauge power wire from the electric panel with a dedicated 30 amp breaker at the top of the buss to the hubble connector in the rear of the HYDRA works extremely well. Shunyata has the best conditioning products in the world, no doubt about it.

Conditioning products used in the past:
Monster Power
PS Audio

Here are my system components:
Power Distribution : Shunyata HYDRA MODEL-6 with 5 DIAMONDBACK and 1 COPPERHEAD powersnakes
Tuner : Magnum DynaLab MD100 Phono : VPI scout with Benz Glider MCC and VPI Reference signal cable
Phono Preamp : Audio Research PH3SE
Digital : Theta Digital Data Basic with DSPro Prime II DAC connected with MIT Reference digital interconnect
Pre amplification : Spectral DMC 12
Power Amplification : Spectral DMA 90
Signal Cables : MIT AVT series1 for sources and MIT Shotgun 330 between pre and poweramp
Speaker Cables : MIT 750 HE +
Loudspeakers : Magnepan MG 2.7QR

Please feel free to use my system pictures and my review on your site.

Absolutely fantastic

I’ve evaluated your products and found them absolutely fantastic (TAIPAN VX, ALPHA and HYDRA MODEL-2). They smoked my Transparent PowerIsolator4 and Analysis PowerOval combo. I ordered right away 1m PYTHON VX for my cd-player (Bow Technologies Wizard 24/192), PYTHON ALPHA for my integrated (Bow Wazoo 50W no negative feedback-design, very tube sounding integrated) and two pieces of HYDRA MODEL-2’s equipped with TAIPAN ALPHA’s.



The HYRDA MODEL-8 roduces an incredibly quiet background, expansive soundstage, tight bass. It eliminated all hum from my phono stage. I never understood what people meant when they said “silence between the notes”: but now I get it. One can truly hear “into the music” and at times the notes seem to come out of space. Spooky details (that is great audio language). I like its small size and lack of external heat.


James M.

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