Hi again Richard,

I didn’t buy two Delta as you and Grant recommended. I figured that if Delta is THAT good I’ll just be dreaming of Alpha for the rest of next year and end up selling Delta with a big loss. So I ordered one Alpha instead!

I found a clever way to persuade myself to buy two cables without selling the old ones; donate 10% of the price of new cables to Amnesty International! So it’s a win-win-win situation. You get your money, Amnesty gets theirs and I, well I don’t get any money, but I get HAPPY!!
And I’m planning to get another one in time for my birthday in February. I think that would be a nice gift to myself from myself! 🙂 (and more money to Amnesty!)

I got the cable last week and it has been playing for about 85 hours now. And I don’t know what to say, I’m stunned again!

I don’t know how you do it, but every generation of cables gets better and better!!! And without the crazy prices that other US companies sell!

I thought my Python was good, but this is ridiculous! It’s ”just a CABLE”!
HOW can I get this much improvement with just a cable from my dac to my pre amp???? I think Caelin is a pure GENIUS! A master mind of cable manufacturing!!

It has revealed layers of music that (I guess) was buried in noise before. It took me max five (5) seconds to hear that it is much better than the old Python! Even my ”strange”, non-audiophile music sounds amazing with this Alpha! It has a bass to die for. And a soundstage that is way bigger then Python!
And again I don’t feel any need to upgrade my speakers (Wilson Duette), they seem to grow bigger and bigger with every cable I buy.

And it is so pure and clear in it’s sound, without sounding harsh or bright. Just sounds CLEAN and beautiful. I actually didn’t think it would be THIS good. (I will send Leif a note later so I can express myself better, I hope he translate it and sends it to you then!)

I live in the north of Sweden, about 1000 km’s north of Stockholm, and up here we are not known to smile, dance or be happy if it’s not necessary. But I sing, dance, laugh and play air guitar in my living room now! Just pure JOY with this cable!! Can’t wait to get the other one….

Please say THANK YOU to Caelin and Grant and everybody else from me!

Best wishes to all of you, and Merry Christmas,

Stefan in Sweden

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