Thoughts on Shunyata cables

Hello Richard,

After 30 years in this hobby, I shouldn’t be surprised by cables making a big difference in sound quality. But the Shunyata cables I have tried recently (the sigma USB and the LAN) pulled that off somehow. I won’t go into audiofool descriptors (which I am no good at), but in my humble, subjective opinion, they were magical and transformative. It didn’t matter whether it was Renee Fleming singing, David Oistrakh violining, or the Grateful Dead, well, Deading, three words consistently leapt to mind: yes, yes, yes. Take away the Shunyata, and things become flatter, drier, unbalanced and boring. Several times when the program and recording rose to the occasion, I found myself thinking, “that’s the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.” Those are the kinds of surprises that keep me in this hobby. Thanks, Caelin. — David

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