Venom V14 Digital

I thought I’d share my experience with adding the new Venom V14 Digital power cord to my system.
In short, adding this cord to power my Oppo 105d (being used as a transport only in a 2 channel system) had an unbelievable performance gain to the overall system!! Pure magic. Easily supports your statement regarding this new power cord as being the finest value cord Shunyata has offered.
I currently use your Venom HC power cord along with your earlier version Venom Digital power cord, Venom speaker cables, Venom Digital S/PIDF, Venom Defenders, etc. All have been great additions to my system, however , the new V14 Digital power cord really took me by surprise ……. the greatest single ‘OMG’ moment from the minute I plugged it in. Great product guys!!

Thank you again for creating wonderful audio products

Best regards

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