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Give the guys at Shunyata a high-five for this one!

I installed the Shunyata TRITON in my system yesterday and have bee listening to it over the evening and through the day. As you recall I had the Shunyata HYDRA-8, ANACONDA/PYTHON power cabling, of which I have been extremely pleased, along with the latest ARC Reference gear and Wilson speakers. Out of the box the […]

The Shunyata HYDRA is a work of art

The Shunyata HYDRA is a work of art. The looks alone are amazing, and craftsmanship is superb. Sonically, HYDRA is out of this world. After the first HYDRA was set up in my system, WOW, what a improvement, so much so that I am about to order my second HYDRA. The power cords such as […]

I highly recommend the SR-Z1 to anyone…

Hi, I just received the PYTHON ordered from you by Sound Hounds in Victoria, BC. It is a bit hard to install unless I twist the cable so it will lie in a reasonable position and still hook up from my Oyaide outlet to my PS Audio Premier regenerator. How much can it be twisted […]

Clear improvements that are worth the price

So you know, I’ve had the DARK FIELD’s in my system for five days now. Three under the PYTHON, three under the TAIPAN, the rest separating/lifting the interconnect (Alpha-Core Sapphire) and the speaker cable (Alphacore Boa). There is no question they make a difference and that it’s positive aross the board. More separation betwen voices […]

It made music sound like music

Hi Grant, I recently borrowed some power cords from Chad at Alternative Audio. I had the DIAMONDBACK, COPPERHEAD, TAIPAN, and PYTHON for home evaluation. I could not believe the difference that the PYTHON’s made while being attached to my Bluenote Stibbert and Edge G3 with a Copperhead to my Anthony Gallo SA. It made music […]

To say I am completely blown away is an understatement

I’ve now had this phenomenal Anaconda Digital cable in my system for 300 hours (as of tonight). To say I am completely blown away is an understatement. I thought the ΞTRON® PYTHON DIGITAL XLR was the cats meow. Wrong, dead wrong! As you said to me a few weeks ago, the difference is NOT subtle. […]