The Absolute Sound 2014 Golden Ear Awards

“My history with AC power-distribution and line-conditioning products is a fairly spotty one. Sonically, they give and they take away, and I generally put them aside after a few weeks. Nowadays I just grab a power cord and head for the nearest available outlet, avoiding power-surge-protection strips for critical components. I’ve come to view such “convenience” strips as a hangover from the days of tower computers, forty-meg hard drives, and 14” monochrome displays, when the fear of a brownout sent shivers down the spine. My listening room isn’t blessed with a dedicated circuit, either. I’ve considered remedying this but just haven’t gotten around to hiring an electrical contractor. The truth is that I’m a little skeptical of monkeying with power and conditioning products. My room is quiet with a seemingly low noise floor. Basically what I’m admitting is that my listening space is probably a lot like yours. Sensible but nothing fancy.

Shunyata must’ve seen me coming. It has designed a system that takes the existing AC power entering a listening room to the next step without engaging the services of an electrical contractor. There are three basic components to its entry-level VENOM Series of power products, starting with a VENOM PS8 power strip. Nicely constructed of heavy, brushed steel, the PS8 is 20-amp rated to cover even the most demanding high-current components, provides eight Hubbell outlets that are cryogenically treated using Shunyata’s Alpha process, and a tough Carling Hydraulic Electro-magnetic breaker. It sits on thick rubber feet, but steel spiked-footers with floor protectors are also offered as a $195 option.”

~ Neil Gader, Reviewer at The Absolute Sound

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