The Absolute Sound 2016 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide

The Absolute Sound Magazine included eight products in their 2016 High-End Audio Buyer’s Guide. The products in their Buyer’s Guide represent what they consider the best in audiophile products for 2016. The winners are:
HYDRA TRITON V2 power distributor pg. 244
HYDRA DPC-6 power distributor pg. 244
VENOM PS8 power distributor pg. 244
VENOM DEFENDER surge protector pg. 244
ANACONDA Interconnects and speaker cables pg. 256
ALPHA HC and ALPHA Digital Power Cables pg. 264

~ Robert Harley, Reviewer at The Absolute Sound

View the 2016 High-End Buyer’s Guide HERE.

Download the High-End Buyer’s Guide PDF HERE.

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