Noise Reduction In Medical Procedures

For more than 15 years, Shunyata Research has been developing products that use explainable science, objective measurement and extreme parts-customization to improve the performance of electronics systems. Shunyata’s power cords and power-distributors do this by lowering shared power-line noise — without adding reactive interference to components or limiting peak-current. These achievements drew the attention of the Director of Electrophysiology at the Abbott Northwestern Heart Hospital. The articles and video linked on this page show the dramatic results of this application. Subsequently, Shunyata Research has been contacted by other Hospitals and Bio-Tech companies with interest in obtaining Shunyata Research’s Distributed Power Conditioning systems. Shunyata products have now been successfully applied at a number of hospitals in the US.

The hospitals Shunyata Research has visited, including the Minneapolis Heart Hospital, have previously tried virtually every commercial product they could find, including power conditioners that used transformers, regenerators, chokes, coils or massive capacitors. None of these products worked, or they were found to be wildly inconsistent. In some cases they made the noise problems worse. Shunyata Research products are designed to be non-reactive, so their performance has been extremely consistent at each Hospital they have been applied in.

The authentic science used to design Shunyata Research power cords and power-distributors and the sympathetic way they work with all forms of electronics, are the reasons for their overnight success in the medical field. Shunyata Research products have crossed over from improving film, studio and sound systems to helping improve the outcomes of delicate surgeries in multiple hospitals and electrophysiology labs across the US.

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