ALTAIRA Component Compatibility List

The ALTAIRA grounding system is designed for compatibility with the vast majority of high-performance electronics. ALTAIRA will be compatible with about 95% of applications where a component has a ground pin.  A simple Ohm meter test will confirm our results, listed below.

There are very few brands that require special attention, or a unique grounding methodology. Those brands are listed below. Given the vast array of components on the market, this list is not yet complete. However, it represents the brands that can benefit from a unique grounding strategy with ALTAIRA Grounding System.

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All summary lists below are subject to change.

Components requiring a unique connection template
Contact Shunyata Research for options

• CH Precision
• Constellation
• Soulution

Incompatible Components

• Spectral


Compatible Brands
Always measure continuity of individual components using an Ohm Voltmeter for assurance

• Acoustic Arts
• Atoll
• Audio Note
• Audio Research
• Aurender
• Ayre
• Berkely
• Bryston
• Burmester
• Cambridge
• Chord
• D'agostino
• DCS Digital
• Devialet
• EMM Labs
• Gryphon
• Lumin
• Mcintosh
• Mo-Fi
• Moon
• Nagra
• Parasound
• Pass Labs
• Playback Designs
• Prima Luna
• Rogue
• T+A
• Wadax

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