VENOM Series signal and speaker cables represent fifteen years of Shunyata Research’s evolved technical innovation and custom-parts engineering.

The over-reaching goal was to create products that possess peerless quality and performance, at real-world prices.


Where indicated, price is for the US only.
For non-US customers, please contact regional distributor for pricing.

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You’ll find that the finest in signal cable performance can be had at an affordable price.


– OHNO Continuous Cast Copper for better sound quality
– VTX™ Conductors (hollow-core) for deeper clarity of tone
– Premium Shunyata XLR Connectors for solid connectivity
– 100% coverage braided shield for durability
– Stunning Aesthetic makes for better presentation
– Very Flexible Cables – easy to manage
– High Value but affordable


All music and sound systems, recording environments and studio systems.

Shunyata Research Venom Interconnects and Speaker Cables

Shunyata Research Venom Interconnects and Speaker Cables

Julie Mullins
The Absolute Sound
16 gauge twisted pair, VTX™ geometry, Ohno copper, braided shielding.
Shunyata XLR, gold pins.