Delta v2 NR, Delta v2 XLR, Sigma NR

Hi Richard,

I wanted to let you know that the Delta v2 NR power cable and Delta Analog v2 XLR interconnects arrived last week and they made a huge difference in the sound I’m receiving from my system. I told my wife that, with the Shunyata interconnects installed and broken in, I actually look forward to listening to CDs (vs. just enjoying a pretty good but far less than perfect digital representation of the music). So, thank you for all of your guidance and kindness. Also, please let Caelin and your technical department how much I’m enjoying their products (recall that I’m using a Sigma NR power cable between the wall socket and my PSAudio P15 power regenerator).

Be well and enjoy the coming spring season with all of its beauty. My best to your family.

-George L

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