Delta NR v2 Power Cable

Hi Eric and Richard

I’m well north of 150 hours now with the Delta plugged into the Aurender N10 (onward to Devialet D400 and Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation speakers)

This setup sounded absolutely wonderful before adding the Delta. Virtually everything else in the system is well cabled, connected and supported. Power for the Aurender was the last power cable needing an upgrade (without launching into a whole new round of upgrades).

Right out of the box I could hear significant improvements although the first 100 hours or so had some “unusual” moments where the cable was clearly transitioning.

Now that I’ve “done time” , I can more fully appreciate the benefits.

• Increased clarity with smoother treble and vocals
• Bass a little deeper maybe but definitely better control (of already very good control)
• Opened totally new sound stages never heard before (most noticeable improvement)

Increases my frustration with poorly recorded/produced/mastered music. While it doesn’t sound bad, it’s frustrating to know how much better it would be if done right in the studio. I’m listening to more MQA than ever, some of which is stunning. The new cable (and Aurender N10 too) are very revealing. (Very revealing is a good thing. I don’t know how excellent audio could be anything else.) Tidal hifi quality is very impressive and satisfying too, again depending on the recording.

Thanks for all your help in getting me into the right cable.



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