Denali 6000/S v2

Hi Richard,
As a paying customer and not as a friend, or someone blowing smoke up your backside, I have to say with all sincerity that in all of my years in the weird world of the high end, the Denali 6000s v2 is without a doubt the finest piece of equipment I have owned in its category, and also the one piece that has the most influence over my entire system. I could add an amp, or preamp, or even a set of cables someplace that might help here or there, but the Denali is (to use the well worn phrase) a true “game changer”. And it is doing one thing for me that has not happened in a long time and it is this: I am wanting to pull out every CD/SACD and LP I own and listen to it! I have not owned anything in a long time that has made me so inquisitive as to how it (the medium) would sound when played with the new addition in the mix. This has not happened with cables, preamps, amps, speakers, etc. ever. Sad but true. And now the Denali is helping everything perform to its utmost best, somewhat like an athlete who has found his or her stride. Perhaps this is a bad analogy since the reference borders on the illegal but the Denali is like legalized steroids for audio. The Denali has turned my stereo into the Mark McGuire or Sammy Sosa after their “enhancement” and now my system is belting out home run after home run and I have the benefit of knowing that the Denali will not be confiscated or banned.

So, as a paying customer, I want to say without reservation that the Denali is the best thing I have done for my audio system ever. EVER! My thanks to you for the sage advice to convince me to get one. I am assuming the Denali is getting more broken in as each night I am more and more astounded as to its performance, and the level it has taken my rather plebeian system to astonishing heights.

Please pass along to whoever built my unit my thanks for their work, and of course to the boss (Caelin, not your boss Libby) for his brilliant work in designing this.”


-Robert J.

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