Alpha v2 NR, Delta v2 NR, and Venom V10 NR

Here is my review of the four power cables recently inserted into my system.

I recently came upon an advertisement for Shunyata Research cables. Of course I was aware of their reputation among audiophiles but I had never really checked them out. After traveling to Shunyata’s website, the characteristics they incorporate into their power cable designs intrigued me. I ended up purchasing an Alpha v2 NR cable for my power amp, a Delta v2 NR for my line stage and two Venom V10 NR cables for my disc player and phono amp.

I’m aware of how prevalent hyperbole is among many audiophiles as we describe how equipment or even tweaks affect our systems. With that in mind, these four noise reducing cables completely transformed my system’s sound. Now come a bunch of colorful adjectives to characterize that transformation…transparency, openness, rhythmic drive, naturalness etc.

In the end, the music, regardless whether the source be vinyl or digital disc, ebbs and flows from the speakers which virtually disappear into this large enveloping orb of sound. It’s incredible. Probably the biggest shock is the complete lack of any edge or haze to music played on my SACD player. I really did not believe that to be possible. I always expected that digital edge was endemic to the medium and I had to just accept it. Nope! And yes, in case you’re wondering I was already using after-market power cables. They are now residing in a closet never to renter the system.

So what do you do now? Please, for the love of great music, go to Shunyata Research’s website and read about all of the purposeful design elements that allow their cables to enable your stereo components to perform at a level you have never heard before. Find an authorized dealer once your finances permit and choose which of their cables would be most appropriate for your set-up. Insert these beauties into your kit and listen to musicians provide you with a personal performance in your listening space. Once you’ve experienced that, there is no going back. Embrace the experience and lose yourself in your favorite music.

-Phil A

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