Denali 6000S v2

Good afternoon,

First off I’d like to express my gratitude for what Shunyata Research has done for our listening enjoyment over the years. The rewards have been immense and the recent acquisition of two Denali 6000S v2 has been nothing short of enlightening. This new found level of transparency was literally frightening initially. The added complexity of macro and micro dynamics has put layers and textures within and upon textures. Depth of stage was improved dramatically. Timbres are highly refined.

The first time our cat Yusef (named after Yusef Lateef the multi instrumentalist) sat down with us in front of a very familiar piece of music since the addition of the two Denali, as he commonly does, at a very modest volume level, his ears were now unusually moving around like radar and unlike being his usual still and good listening companion, he kept jumping over us from one side of the couch to the other not sure what to do next until finally coming to rest and getting used to the new normal! Given, his ears might well be better than mine, and I feel he really was experiencing what we all were trying to come to terms with. The music was in the room, well outside the speaker boxes for the first time. On some level this psychedelic like event presented itself so radically new, lasting for days after the system first settled back in. Truly amazing. Now we expect this kind of 3D performance. One of the single greatest upgrades I’ve ever experienced.

-Rob S.

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