Denali 6000/s V2, Sigma XC, Alpha NR v2


I just got them today – so maybe 2 hours thus far. Not much…but it has been difficult to stop listening!

Here are some of my texts to friends today that are more descriptive in terms of expressing how I feel about this “combo” of the Denali 6000/s V2 with the Sigma XC 20 amp power cord (+ Alpha V2 NR powering my NAD Masters M33):

“Completely TRANSFORMATIVE in every way. Tonal accuracy that produces mesmerizingly real instrument timbres and decays, depth of soundstage that is staggering, far greater control over the mids and lows leading to increased dynamics and palpable 3D instruments in space, and an ease of listening even at “live concert volumes” that is difficult to describe.”

“I was not capable of even imagining this level of musical enjoyment…the kind of musical reproduction that can make minds break and tears flow!”

“I feel like I’ve wasted way too much lifetime NOT hearing music THIS WAY.”

“Isn’t it just a shame that “doubters” still exist in the “audiophile” world about the efficacy of power conditioning and power cords. Such a loss for them.”

~Steve from Michigan

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