Everest 8000, Delta NR v2, Alpha XC

Hi Richard,

So I finally got all my remaining room treatments in this weekend and installed all of the new equipment tonight. All I can say is wow, it sounds incredible. It literally improved every single aspect of my system across the board. I don’t think I was expecting this level of improvement, it simply does everything better. It transformed it to a new level. Low level details, transients, bass, soundstage size and instrument separation all got noticeably better. I’m hearing more details yet it feels more relaxed. From the second I played the first song I couldn’t hear a single negative thing, but after it settles/breaks in a bit like you said it should be insane. I attached some photos, including some showing install, including some views of the cables and management. There’s still some cables I want to eventually upgrade but I covered the power side 100% now. Thanks again for the help, you really went above and beyond.
-Mike P.

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