Delta v2

Hello Richard,

These C15 IEC shims work great. Your picture really helped. Without the shims these McIntosh IEC terminals on my SACD player and pre-amp were very loose. With the shims installed the Delta plugs are perfectly snug. Tell Mr. Gabriel these things are a god-send and really work. I’ve attached a couple of pictures. Your quick turn-around on this order is appreciated.

Opinion: McIntosh is Chevy and Audioquest is Ford; Shunyata is Ferrai/Lamborgini/Bentley . . .

Other: These Deltas are beautifully constructed and the packaging is impressive. But what’s better than that is the dramatic improvement in my two-channel music system’s sound. Things are more separated and everything has more extension and openness. Really, the sonic improvement knocked me on my butt. Even my wife gave them a thumbs-up and she is generally skeptical about the money and my “audio venture.” The Adcoms’ power cords are wimpy 18 awg and are attached so I can’t change them until I get new amplifiers. I can’t even imagine how the sonics will be improved with good power cords on devices that really need power like amplifiers.

Richard, the ability to talk directly with you and Shunyata means a lot to me. There are no more brick-and-mortar stores where one could first kick the tires. So dealing with you directly is important.

-Joe B.

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