Hydra Triton v3 & Alpha SP

Hi again Richard,

I haven’t bought me a second Alpha IC yet. Sometimes things don’t go as planned… 😉

Recently I was ”forced” to buy me a pair of Alpha SP, and my GOD what a great cable this is. Way better then the (great) old Anaconda SP. Rock hard bass and magical 3D. Just love it!!

I ended up selling my Triton V1 and then I was without a Triton, and what does a Snakehead do?? Start looking for a used Triton V2, of course. But I couldn’t find anyone here in Europe, so I had to buy a V3!! 🙂

The V1 was really, really good. But the V3 is in another league. I actually didn’t think it could get much better then the V1 (feels like we have pretty good electricity here) but I was wrong. Direct out of the box I was disappointed. Bright and harsh sounding. But after a few hours in the garage with fans and lamps it sounds fantastic! This is just pure magic! Almost eerie quiet between the tracks now.

It actually sounds like my ARC REF 75 is more powerful with the V3 then with the V1. Like the amp has gone up from 75W to 150W. And when I connected my Typhon the real magic arrived!! WOW!!

Thanks to all of you!

Best Regards,

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