Shunyata rocks!

Dear everyone at Shunyata research,

My name is David Braun, and i am a freelance concert organizer in Maribor, Slovenia, focusing mainly on contemporary jazz and world music. Music has always held a prominent role in my life, something i cannot imagine being without, perhaps it is even an obsession….

On the other hand, hi-fi systems have never been a real priority, more a necessary means to get to the music, and very often »in the way«…i am not the person who has the need to constantly fumble with its own stereo, buy and sell or let alone spend millions on “sound”. Nevertheless, over the years i have managed – finances permitting – to build up a reasonable system for which i believe that it suits me, that it gets me to the “essence of music.” By that I mean that I find listening to music over a hi-fi system “an illusion”, and am happiest when it reminds me of feelings I have while listening to live (often acoustic or semi-acoustic) music, which I do a lot, being a concert organizer. Still, my friends – your official distributors in Slovenia – have persuaded me that i should use power cables from Shunyata, something i accepted with a fair amount of skepticism.

Now i am a happy user of the Venom power-cable on every component i own, and a very happy owner of a Delta NR power cable and a Venom interconnect on my CD player. I wish I could afford a power distributor, but that is probably not within my reach.

Amazing, truly stunning and astonishing what you have achieved with these products!!! I still find it hard to believe (this is probably due to my lack of technical knowledge) how much influence the power cables have on the music that is being played – and in a way that i feel is »in line« with how i perceive music. Everything is so palpable, present in space, almost speaker-less and on the other hand suddenly sounds completely effortless and spontaneous. It reminds me of how an acoustic instrument, say a violin, would sound in a room. These products seriously help transporting the “magic” that lies in a lot of music.

I would hereby like to congratulate you on your achievements; Shunyata’s products have made me very happy and have further strengthened my love and enthusiasm for music and brought many hours of very enjoyable listening – with many more to come. Also, I would like to mention the fact that I got a very competent advice from your distributors in Slovenia, the Intek company, including technical explanations and recommendations tailor-made for my specific desires and needs.

Great service from everyone and completely overwhelming products from Shunyata! You guys seriously rock!

Best regards,
David B.

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