I just had to tell you how wonderful the Zitron pc is

Hi Richard,

I just had to tell you how wonderful the Zitron pc is. I’ve been listening to a few tracks I’m familiar with after a day of letting the cable settle in my system. The pc I was using previously sounded hazy in comparison and the notes were scattered and somewhat jumbled in their space, though this wasn’t apparent till I switched to the Zitron. The Zitron is pin-point precise, neutral and lush. The background is dead quiet. I find that I can turn the volume up another 4-5 dbs from my reference volume without any glare or digital harshness. I wouldn’t call it polite because I feel it doesn’t exaggerate or add anything artificial to give it that initial “wow” factor that so many cables do. It just sounds right. I’m sure you’ve heard all this before. I do feel that while the soundstage is somewhat wider and deeper, it’s not as high or tall as what I’m previously used to. I suppose that makes more sense since all the instruments are at ground level. Maybe it’ll open up a bit more after a few days though I’m sure the pc was well broken in by the previous owner.

The only negative is that I will now have to upgrade all my PCs, so I won’t be eating out for a while :). If one cable can improve my system dramatically, I’m excited to hear what more can do. I just have to decide whether to go with the Delta NRs or to try to find Alpha HCs from my outlet to my 2 power strips. I would probably go with the Deltas for my amp and preamp since they are still in production. I would love to try the Alphas but 5 PCs are just way beyond my budget.

Thanks again for making a great product, and I’ll stay in touch to let you know how it all works out.


-Jose S.

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