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Keep up the good work

Ladies & Gents: I recently purchased a new HYDRA 6 with the VENOM HC power cord. It replaced a APC H10 power conditioner. I was expecting an improvement. I was shocked at how big of an improvement this device has made. It is not broken in yet but already there are great improvements being experienced. […]

There was an unbelievable quietness…

At this point in my life, one of the greatest pleasures and passion I have is my audio system and the beauty of rich, clear and accurate sound. After several upgrades this year I am curious as to how much better the beautiful sound could get? I had researched power conditioners and have read and […]

They are more than worth the money

Hello! Before I tell you just how excellent I found your products, let me tell you how excellent I found your customer service! I live in a remote area — it’s only 5 miles to the north to the Arctic Circle. This is a nice and highly developed small town, but it sure is no […]

Caelin Gabriel did a fantastic job

Matt, Words cannot discribe how incredible the HYDRA MODEL-6 and the PowerSnakes sound. I don’t know if I just happen to have the right combination of components but my sound stage is very 3 dimentional, absolutely incredible and tonal balance is perfect. Transient attacks are just explosive and precise. The low frequencies are tight deep […]

The harmonics amazing!

Just before I plug my ANACONDA, I was auditionning the Acoustic Zen Tsunami feeding my Simaudio Moon P 8. So I replaced that cable with my ANACONDA. The difference was truly great. Next, I tried the Tsunami with my Moon W 8. The sound was not very good. My wife complained about the hight frequency. […]