This guide is intended to give some structure and order to the materials required for a successful ordering and implementation of an ALTAIRA Grounding System.


ALTAIRA Brochure // Read the brochure
Grounding Concepts Guide // Read the concepts guide



System Profile // Document

This diagram helps to identify what scale of grounding system will best suit your needs.


Hub Decision Tree // Document

This document will guide you through a series of questions to identify the grounding system architecture best suited to your audio system.


Component Continuity Test Worksheet // Required Document

Using an Ohm Meter, this worksheet will help determine how each component in your system will be grounded, if at all. This is achieved by testing continuity between AC inlet ground and chassis or signal connectors respectively. This will determine whether a component can be grounded, how it will be grounded, and if a Ground Tail will be necessary. This worksheet is required as a reference for the ALTAIRA Cable Worksheet, as it will determine the custom cables made for your ALTAIRA.


Determine Hub Location // Process

At this point you will identify where in your system the ALTAIRA hub(s) will be located. This will later determine cables lengths. We recommend that the hub(s) be centrally located to minimize cable lengths. Generally, near or on a preamp or integrated amp are ideal locations.


EG Point — Earth-Ground Determination // Process

Determine the best earth-ground connection point for your entire system. Ideally this would be on the dedicated earth-ground terminal on a Power Distributor, but it may also be a connection made between the ALTAIRA and the AC Wall socket using a specifically designed AC Ground Adapter from Shunyata Research.


ALTAIRA Cable Worksheet // Required Document

This document is the culmination of your order preparation, and will determine the custom cables required to install your ALTAIRA grounding system. Complete one worksheet per ALTAIRA hub required. Refer to your Component Continuity Test Worksheet for required terminations. Based on the ALTAIRA hub location round up cable lengths to the nearest .5m increment. Completion of this document is required to order an ALTAIRA hub and cables.




Based on the Component Continuity Test Worksheet and the ALTAIRA Cable Worksheet, you will order the
hub model(s), CGC/SGC cables and Ground Tails required.


  • Once all the equipment has arrived, check inventory against your worksheets and invoice.
  • Use the ALTAIRA Cable Worksheet to match the correct cable to each hub, component, and terminal port.
  • Connect each component to a corresponding terminal.
  • Connect the 7th terminal to the earth-ground connection point, whether to a dedicated terminal on a Power Distributor or via an AC Ground Adapter.
  • Interconnect multiple hubs using the 7th terminal.
  • NOTE: We recommend that you first only connect the core components to the Altaira. Test the results before proceeding to installation of other components. Proceed to connect the other peripheral components after you are satisfied that the core system is working properly
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