A major miracle has taken place!

Greetings to Caelin and Richard,

My name is Thomas Cicatelli, but my “Stage Name” is Tommie Chick. First, let me say to Caelin that I wish I could speak to you to personally say “thanks” for what you and your research team have done for me. I am a musician within a three piece band who writes, sings and plays the guitar. My bass player and drummer complete my band. We play Blues standards and originals of mine. I have been playing guitar for 45 years and have settled on a tone that I consider to be the “Holy Grail”.

With the help of your many hours of toil and sweat and assistance from Mark at Music Direct I was able to be put in contact with Richard at Shunyata. Let me explain what is happening. I play guitar as an extension of my voice and I am very cognizant of the fact that the tone I achieve on my instrument is also an expression of myself. Through many years and hundreds of hours, I have strained at this search for my tone. As a result, my equipment has gone through several changes over the years. But, during the summer of 2011, my search led me in a new direction.

In the beginning I made a decision to change all my equipment. I sold all my guitars, amps and effects. The only thing I kept the same were my custom made Van den haul cables, picks and strings. I decided on a Heritage H150 as my main guitar and an amp made in Italy as my only go to instrument. Both the guitar and the amp had things change on them before they were ready. But I noticed a problem when playing my tube amp that was plugged into a Furman Power Factor Pro. I spoke to Mark at Music Direct and I started to think about what needed to be changed.

After reading the information on your website, I started to understand what was wrong with my sound. It was then that I spoke to Richard. At first I told him that I wanted to speak to Caelin. Let me say that I know now why that was not going to take place. I made the decision to purchase the COPPERHEAD power cable and here is what has happened to my sound and guitartone:


In an even more dramatic way then when I switched guitar cords. The COPPERHEAD is the best piece of equipment I have. My tone is phenomenal. I am able to say because of three things: 1. My Bass player, a friend for 40 years, told me after our 2 hours of rehearsing that my tone was the best he had ever heard. 2. My recording engineer and fellow musician(guitar,harp and violin are his instruments) looked at everything I was using and could not believe the sound, sustain and harmonics I was able to achieve. 3. My WIFE! she said that my sound was very pleasant and a lot more musical then before. Here is what the COPPERHEAD has done for my sound/tone: I can take the black 10ft. power cable and make a dog leash out of it. I am positve that it changed my tone dramatically because I a/b both cables and the COPPERHEAD destroyed the other one totally. My amp after more than 2 hours of use was NOT even the least bit warm. It was cool to my touch.

This means that the tubes will last longer because they will not have to be pushed harder. Internal components like filter caps etc. will not have to be changed as quickly. Lastly, the speaker will sound better as it ages because it does not have to be over worked all the time.

My guitar sound was now MUCH better. Chords were full, single notes were clear as a bell, my sustain was more pronounced, string harmonics and tube overtones and gain was smooth. My effects worked better and changes to the controls made a big difference. By this I mean it did not matter if I changed the controls on the amp, the guitar or my overdrive effect. All of these changes were heard and made an impact on my sound. Well, this is my review of what the Shunyata Research COPPERHEAD power cable did for me. I am a big fan and an endorser of this great piece of equipment.

Now, when I leave, I take: my guitar, my amp, my overdrive pedal, my cables, picks and last but really first, I make sure that my amp has the COPPERHEAD attached.

Tommie Chick, aka Thomas Cicatelli

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