Sound was good right out of the box…


I had been burning in the HYDRA HC and HYDRA-α MODEL-4 for a few days as you suggested and did a lot of careful listening yesterday. The sound was good right out of the box but really did get better over the next couple days. I am very happy with the sound! I didn’t need to go back and forth with the old stuff to be able to tell if there was an improvement. The improvement in transient attack was most immediately obvious and makes everything sound way more lifelike. I was a little startled a few times by the realism. Also, the system just sounds bigger and more powerful overall. I can’t quite explain it, maybe more dynamic, but again much more like real life. I also compared it to a PS Audio Power Plant Premier and I couldn’t believe how much smaller and less involving everything sounded through the power plant. I guess it makes sense that running the AC through all that extra circuitry could do more harm than good.

The only small complaint I have is that the HYDRA HC cord is really stiff to be connected to a light component like the HYDRA-α MODEL-4. I was able to eventually get the cord to conform to the shape it needed to and now everything is staying in place.

Thanks for trickling down your technology to make such high quality products at a more affordable level.

Donald H.
Chicago, IL

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