Your products have really made a difference!

The near field high frequency noise issue is, in my experience, the key to getting things right. I installed the TRITON/TYPHON and the new ΞTRON™ cables where a V-RAY and some lesser quality cables had previously been installed. Prior to installing the TRITON/TYPHON, I had heard some peculiar low level intermittent noises, but I could not determine what was causing of these noises. At first, I thought I had some tubes going bad in my Audio Research Ref 40 linestage or in my Audio Research PH3SE Phono Stage. Replacing the tubes did not help. I tried other things, but I could not get rid of that noise. After upgrading the V-RAY to the TRITON/TYPHON, the noise floor of the system dropped enough that I could clearly tell what the intermittent problem was: it was RF interference from the local AM radio station. By turning the Gain all the way up, and putting my ear to the speaker, I could hear the radio station. I traced the problem down to some grounding and shielding issues in the phono cables. The problem went away, and the system sounds remarkably better. The key issue here is that until after installing the TRITON/TYPHON, I could not trace down the problem.

I have very good, “clean” AC power coming into my listening room. I live out in the country. I have my own step-down “pole pig” transformer at my ranch. I do not have to share the output of this transformer with anybody else. The main power panel for the entire Ranch is next to the listening room, and I have four dedicated AC lines, two on each side of the incoming power.

I have degrees in Electrical Engineering and a career of experience working in the Aerospace industry. I spent most of my career working on major spacecraft and related systems. Getting the noise floor of the system to an acceptably low level is of fundamental importance in satellite communications. The stereo rig I have assembled here is one of the quietest systems I have ever created. Your products have really made a difference! I wish your products had been available to us when we were testing spacecraft. You could have helped us a lot!

Robert O.

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