I, and my tone, are forever in your debt

Hi Richard,

My name is Tom and I am a user of Shunyata Products. I use the SR-Z1 hi-end outlet and the COPPERHEAD power cable. Here is the result of my many years of trying to achieve the best possible tone that I can from my musicial equipment. As a guitarist, my main concern is noise from my tube amp and good and bad tone variations from this amp when plugging in to play through it from day to day. In the past, some days things sound status-quo and then other days there are noises and other tones that make playing, practicing and recording very difficult for me.

Then I discovered the power cable and the outlet made by the tech guys at Shunyata Research. From the first time I plugged the amp into the outlet using the COPPERHEAD there was a direct improvement to the sound of my equipment.

First, my amp was quiet. After playing for a few hours I noticed that the amp remained cool to my touch.

Second, my tone was phenomenal sounding. Every note was true and rich. There was no extra distortion coming through the amp. No unwanted noise of any type, just pure true tone. When I added over-drive from the amp or one of my pedals, I was able to achieve pure overtones and richer harmonics than I ever had before this time.

Third, when I did some rehearsing and sound testing at my friends studio, he could not believe how this new set up recorded. I am now able to just set my guitar, amp and any pedal the way I want. This will save me a lot of time by not having to set controls each time. If I want a certain sound, all that I have to do is set all the controls. The next time, if I want the same sound, I just set the controls the same as before.

Now I am no longer just killing studio time trying to get that sound I got yesterday. Now when I am playing, all I have to do is concentrate on the music without any worrying about the tone. I now have complete confidence in my sound, the tone and how other peoples ears will hear what I am playing. Finally, the two guys that record me had nothing but the highest praise for the SR-Z1 outlet and the COPPERHEAD power cable. My friend Tim has a spot on his second floor that I love to record from. He told me that after he heard my set up, he would have no trouble recording me either playing quiet or over the top. Tim said it will be easy now and there will be no restrictions recording my sound. He went so far as to say that the Shunyata gear has made it easy and less complicated to record my sound at its best.

Another friend John did some recording in his studio of me. He said that my new equipment made the sound that was coming from my amp better. The tone, the sound of the over-tones, the harmonic structure of the notes and the purity and transparency coming from the speaker resulted in a great recording sound that will playback well on CD time after time.

I hope that this can fully explain my deep and sincere gratitude to Richard and all the people at Shunyata Research. I, and my tone, are forever in your debt.
Tommie Chick, aka Thomas Cicatelli

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