Anacondas, Denali 6000/S v2, Alpha v1 Power Cable

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the info. I really appreciate it!

The speaker cables are sounding awesome! I have them connected between a pair of Magico A3 speakers driven by a Modwright KWA-100SE amplifier.

At first, after reading all the reviews of the Magico A3’s, I wasn’t sure the Modwright amp would have enough juice to drive them but no worries. They sound great!

Other speaker cables I have used are Morrow Audio SP7, Audio Sensibility and Wire World. The Anacondas are definitely staying put! ( probably my last speaker cable purchase! )

I am still waiting to receive the Anaconda XLR interconnects so I can’t comment on their performance yet but if they are anything like the speaker cables, I will be in audio heaven!

Thanks again for answering my questions and for making the best cables I have used in my system! ( I also use the Alpha Zitron power cords and the DENALI 6000/S v2.


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