Denali 6000/T, Sigma & Alpha NR etc.


Dear Shunyata Research,
In the approximately four months since first learning about Shunyata Research as part of my research into speaker cables, I’ve very much come to appreciate the need for good cables throughout all of my home theater and 2-channel audio systems. Consequently, I’ve invested approximately $13,000 in power conditioning/distribution products (Denali 6000T, two MPC-12C units, two Venom Defenders, one Sigma NR power cord, three Alpha NR power cords, two Venom HC power cords, a Venom USB cable and a host of Venom HDMI cables). I’ve yet to pick up that set of speaker cables that I’d initially been interested in….I’ll likely need to wait until next year to make that purchase.
Thank you again for your products and customer service – they are very much appreciated.

Michael Z. Troy, MI

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