I’m really excited…

Thx for the reply! Hope all went well in Germany.

Also thanks for providing all these details about break-in. First six hours sounded like mud, and I was concerned. I dedicated the weekend to being a full on marathon, and last night it changed a bit.

I have a gut feeling this thing is going to blossom. A couple gunshot scenes in a movie last night had me jump off the couch thinking I truly was under fire. This is yet to EVER happen.

I’m really excited and can’t wait to see all the break-in stages.

I am a huge fan of your products, and talk to all tech fans about them. Every time I read blogs about with snake oil nay-sayers I smile and think how some people have no clue. If I were to wire up with all OEM cords, my system would be a 2009 Honda. With Shunyata products, it’s a Porsche Turbo.


Klaus H.
Anaheim, CA

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