It’s a real charmer…

Very happy with the Shunyata TYPHON addition for the TRITON…..

It is great to be able to say without hesitation that the addition of the Shunyata TYPHON to my TRITON is one of the most magical moments in my four decades as a music loving soul. It’s real charmer: the TYPHON is one push forward towards audio bliss that frankly I did not see coming. For my system & taste it is a mayor step into a new level of music reproduction. All being said from a person who treasures music far above the hobby of collecting esoteric & $$$ gear.

Perhaps everyone may not feel this way because what the TYPHON does is hard to quantify w/ words, simple narrative bites & typical audiophile catchphrases.

The synergy is a real shocker: Music is in all regards simply more emotional, nuanced, clear, articulate and spatial in spades. Lush & at the same time powerful. Every recording sounds more interesting in some way & most are frankly more pleasurable to listen to. Space is the name of the game. Timing, tonalities, nuance, expression, emotion & engagement…. on & on.

If I were to remove the TYPHON from the system (which I have done for my wife) it is like viewing/hearing the musical event from behind a scrim or sheet of glass: It is for lack of a better word FLAT (er), pale, less organic & less emotionally engaging. A bit like watching someone on film take a walk on a beautiful day instead of walking & experiencing it yourself.

What the TYPHON/TRITON does:

– A picture window expands floor to ceiling and the glass is pristine….
– The air just got cleaner & cooler like a gentle passing spring front
– A stone dropped in a placid pond sending ripples to the banks
– Someone whispered from across a room but each word was clear & distinct
– The back wall of my listening room grew much deeper & the room magically expanded in all directions
– My emotional core was touched by a passage that I have known for decades but never w/ such resonance….
– Never heard that door slam before or that train pass in the distant background…..or the last, faintest, deepest rumble of thunder miles away…
– A drink of the purest cool water
– Oh… I remember what a nylon string guitar sound like in a small intimate room.

Every small detail….. The list can grow: It becomes a litany of little metaphors that hint at something that is poetic at its core. Poetic and therefore harder to describe. And poetic the TYPHON/TRITON combo is. In spades!!!

The point I want to make is that the overall effect of adding the TYPHON is something I intellectually understood but did not actually expect to be so deeply, dare I say, soulful & rewarding. This is the nicest thing I have done for my passions & myself as an audiophile/music lover in decades. Please if you can find a dealer who can let you take one of these home do so. It may turn out to be an expensive early birthday gift but ……it’s just magical.

Mark S. Smith

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