I’ve run out of adjectives for this new XLR digital cable. Holy Moley.


Remember when I waxed so poetic after I installed my PYTHON ΞTRON® IC’s and SC’s? Well, I’ve run out of adjectives for this new XLR digital cable. Holy Moley. Slap me silly and call me Susan. I really don’t know what to say. A friend of mine who owns one has been crazy about it, but I was still skeptical that it could be *this* good. Ok, I’ll try to convey what I hear after about 100 hours.

The PYTHON digital cable has converted my digital transport and dac into a world-class analog rig. This is the most natural, realistic, organic sound I’ve ever heard from a digital device. The timbre is true, the pacing is musical and the soundstage is three-dimensional. Good Redbook recordings sound like 24/96 masters and some high resolution recordings can sound truly live. DAC’s now have the equivalent of a top-of-the-line Dynavector arm and stylus.

These impressions were made AFTER I upgraded my Perfect Wave DAC to the the new MKII digital board, which is world-class, btw. This cable kills my custom made Harmonic Tech HDMI cable into the DAC’s I2S input…which theoreitcally should not be possible. The I2S connection has been preferred by every reviewer of this DAC. Two other PWD owners who have bought the PYTHON concur with me as to it’s revoultionary sound, so I KNOW it’s not in my head.

If people knew how good this PYTHON sounds, they’d think twice about spending big bucks on a USB cable. Are you guys gonna try one of those?

Please tell Caelin how much I appreciate his work. He hit this one way out into the bay.


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