My listening pleasure has never been better!

Dear Grant and Caelin,

I’m a skeptic when it comes to electrical cables and audio benefits. I have a decent system made up of Bryston components with Vienna Acoustics speakers. Its sound was fairly decent to begin with. So, when my dealer recommended that I hook up a TRITON with COBRA C19 to the wall outlet and COBRA ╬×TRON™’s for my amp and DAC, I was skeptical. How can a line conditioner boost that ever-elusive trait that we audiophiles call “musicality”?

After breaking in the TRITON and COBRA cables for about 50 hrs, I was floored. The sonic improvements that I heard were simply astonishing. Vocals and string instruments were clearer and had startling 3-D-like images in my room. The amounts of rich detail I was able to hear in choral, chamber, and pop/rock FLAC and CD recordings were enhanced significantly. Even my LPs, played on a modest Concept turntable, sounded much better, with improved soundstage all around. Reverberations, especially with string instruments, seemed to linger longer, enhancing my experience of a live-performance recording. It was like lifting a veil that masked parts of the music. The opening-up of panoramic vistas of sonic detail from the recordings was truly remarkable. How can a cleaned-up, two-dimensional electrical signal reveal such amazing detail? My listening pleasure has never been better!

I just wanted to congratulate you and your staff for the efforts you all have put into your products. I cannot fathom going back to stock cords. I may never attend another live chamber or vocal concert again (just joking)! And I look forward to further technical developments from your group.

Keep up the great work.
Pete N., PhD

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