Noise Analyzer on the Everest : “Absolute silence”

Hi Richard,
So my local audio store was still somewhat dubious about the efficacy of the Everest and decided to test my power with a Blue Horizon “Mains Noise Analyzer”. This displays a numerical value representative of the amount of noise on the circuit as well as producing a sound that is allegedly the “noise” per se.

In most circuits (wall outlets) in my house (built in 1952) the reading was “MAX” and the audio was a loud “white noise.”
In my new dedicated 20 Amp circuits, one used for router and TV and the other for my stereo equipment (different rooms, different circuits), the reading was 425. Interestingly, the audio was a combination of white noise and voices. Indeed, I could clearly hear a conversation about a face book page and another conversation as well. (I was told by the local dealer that I was hearing cell phone conversations and that I was not going crazy.)
So, with this baseline, the noise analyzer was plugged into one of the outlets on the Everest. The reading was 000. Absolute silence. This was with all the audio components turned off. So I then turned each on and the reading remained 000 with absolutely no audio from the analyzer device.
My local store really really wants to become a dealer for Shunyata!
Craig R.
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