Out of the box, they were amazing

Dear Grant,

I recently upgraded my system this year [Rotel 1075 amp; Pioneer Elite VSX-55 TXi (using it as a pre/pro — liked it better than the Rotel 1068); Pioneer Elite DV47Ai; Definitive Technology 7002s (main) 2005 (centre) and BPX rears] and wanted a good power conditioner. After reading the many positive reviews on your HYDRA MODEL-8, I tried one out. I originally thought it would be overkill for my otherwise modest system, but after adding it about 2 months ago I was amazed at the improvement that it made to my system. It stayed notwithstanding the fact that it is aimed at audiophile systems. The descriptions of it in the various reviews were pretty accurate as they reflect my experience. It had as big a positive impact as did adding the separate amp.

What caused me to take the time to drop you this note, however, was the addition today of two DIAMONDBACK’s to the system (to the amp and the DVD player). They replaced the stock cords that came with the amp and the DVD player. Out of the box, they were amazing. “Wow” describes my reaction from the first song I listened to. I find it hard to believe that power cords can have such a profound impact, but they most definitely did. I take a company’s advertising claims of their products with a large grain of salt, but if anything, you underplay the impact of these wonderful cords. For the money, I expected a significant impact from the HYDRA MODEL-8 and it delivered. However, and again for the money, the DIAMONDBACK’s are an exceptional value as they delivered far more than what I expected. The review in 6 Moons very accurately describes their impact. Goodness only knows what they’ll be like once they’re broken in.

So, I just wanted to say thank you for 2 wonderful products.

If you’re interested, I purchased them from your dealer in Dundas, Ontario, Mike Occie @ Alternative Audio.

Murray Box
Mississauga, ON

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